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Chayon-Ryu is a specialized teaching method that is not available in any other school in North Texas.

Students enroll for a variety of reasons. But overall, people want to improve their lives in one way or another. Our unique teaching method helps students learn classic martial arts, but in a manner that reduces the chance of injury. 

Years ago martial arts training had one purpose - to fortify one's body for combat. But, in modern times, most students seek improved health, longevity, and relaxation - and to protect oneself and family. Since these goals are today's reality, instruction must adjust to meet these modern needs.  Chayon-Ryu is designed to accomplish this.

Our program combines direct instruction, small-group work, video and print resources and one-on-one tutoring in a way that works to help the student learn.

Students are welcome to visit our headquarters location in Houston to take a lesson under our system founder, Grandmaster Kim Soo, or to visit any of our other branch locations.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom include annual training on the beach in Galveston, Texas, and outdoor training at the park in Houston and Arlington.

In Arlington, enrollment is limited to students 10 years of age or older. We allow younger students to participate only if the parent is training in class as well.

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 For library of information and articles about Chayon-Ryu, visit our headquarters web site here 



A student's effort determines how succesful they will be in our program.

We invite you to work with our teachers to get all you can out of this investment in yourself.

We encourage students to supplement their weekly classes with home practice time, review video and print study materials, and communication via email/phone contact with instructors.